IT Services

IT Scope of Work Schedule and Pricing


Service Rates:

IT Governance, Multiple Domains, WAN design, RFQ
generation, Bid evaluation

Sr. Systems/Telecom Engineer:
Multiple Server Integration, WAN Integration, Messaging,
Internet/Intranet, Communications and Telephony

Project Management:
Systems, Applications, Cable Plant Management, Planning,
Scheduling, and Quality Assurance

Systems Engineer:
Server Maintenance, Network printing, Back-up, Security,
User and Device management, Peer to Peer networking,
Integration and Configuration of Networked desktops, print
services, Networked Application set-up, communication

Application/Desktop Technician:
Hardware and Software Integration, Application Integration,
Desktop training, Desktop procedures and manuals,
Windows support, Desktop and local hardware and
configuration support

On-Line/Remote Technician:
Remote access and support for any issue, On-line support is
billable in 10-minute increments starting on the first minute

Discounts are available for half day and full day scheduling.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Above prices are hourly rates only. They do not reflect contract discounts or rates for long-term on-site personnel.


Notes:All phone support calls are billed per incident. Service is issued free of charge up to an aggregate total of 15 minute on the same incident. Phone support calls exceeding 15 minutes on a single incident are billable in 15-minute increments at published rates, starting on the 16th minute of the incident. Legacy Business Solutions does not charge for travel time within the San Francisco Bay Area. Billable time starts upon the engineer's arrival. However, there is a one hundred fifty dollar ($150.00) or two (2) hour minimum charge.

Normal Office hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Legacy Business Solutions will respond to any client emergency within four (4) hours or less. Emergency, after hours, holiday, and weekend rates are 1-1/2 times the normal rate.

Legacy Business Solutions will insure that all system and software integration is compliant with acceptable industry standards, and that all systems and software are working properly.

All service carries a minimum one (1) year warranty from Legacy Business Solutions, provided it is not altered by others.

Legacy Business Solutions cannot be responsible for hardware failures, vertical market software or secondary service failures (Telco Service, Internet etc.) Even if those services were recommended by or sold by Legacy Business Solutions. Every effort will be made to reduce the cost of such failures.

We will work on your system and resolve any system problems or emergencies utilizing our "best efforts" and full range of resources and experience.

In order to work in your environment we must make some assumptions concerning your system.

These assumptions include but are not limited to:

1. All equipment is in good working condition and will perform to the manufacturer specification.

2. Any manufactured equipment that is not directly known to us will perform in a manner consistent with similar devices we are familiar with.

3. That all second party services and devices including but not limited to; the Internet, Phone services, Long Distance Services, Leased Lines, Routers etc. are beyond our control. We are not responsible for any delays or losses caused by faulty equipment on their end.

In laymen terms this means that if we need to turn off a piece of equipment we assume it will turn back on.

We also realize that equipment does fail and you should realize that if it fails through no fault of our own we will assume technical responsibility for getting your systems back on line and working, but this may be an additional expense.

All invoices are "Due on Receipt". A finance charge of 24% annually will be applied to all invoices over 30 days past due.